Discover Who You Are To Succeed – Mr Fagil Mandy Implores S4 & S6 Candidates


“You are definitely the chief engineer of your success, discover who you are to succeed”, Fagil Mandy implored senior four and six candidates during a one-week conference held at Vision for Africa International.

In his massage  during a Gain Confidence Africa managed, “youth Inspirational and motivational session, while speaking to over 400 senior four and six candidates  and over 200 vacist who attended the conference, Fagil Mandy shared about how he grew up with is mother and grandmother in a little village in the suburbs of Kampala city and how he worked his way to become a   Teacher, Trainer, a Head Teacher, An Education Officer, a University Lecturer, a Banker, a Hotel Manager, a Presidential advisor, a prolific radio, television and print media presenter and discussant.


The former Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB), Chairman and the managing director at FAME-CON LTD while speaking to his gathering, he emphasised the need for young people to be inspired right from their homes stating that, “ home is the first and best school a young person can have in life”,  while reflecting upon his life and home, Fagil attributes his success to his mother, who besides working as a house maid in the colonial masters’ homes during the colonial days, she managed to educate him to the best level of education then that show him become all the categories of persons that he has become.

As he appreciated both Vision for Africa International and Gain Confidence Africa for the invitation as a guest speaker at the event, he thanked Vision for Africa educating the African children as a way of preparing them for great success. He also asked the students to prepare themselves for the wished success by discovering who they are through deeply searching within themselves for the greatness they have not discovered about themselves.

Participants appreciated Gain Confidence Africa for identifying notable inspirational and motivational personality to speak to them as they prepare for their final examinations at the respective levels. Mr. Kwehangana, the chairperson Gain Confidence Africa and the chief executive officer, African Art innovations limited, an IT company while speaking at the event, he urged the youth about the importance to have role models at an early age so that their life is built on the success principles of their role models. He further emphasized that there is great need for youth to invest in reading culture development stating that wide reading outside courses of interest arouse great inspiration which leads to great innovations. 

Mr. Kwehangana Hamza, further promised continued partnership with Vision for Africa International as regards to youth skilling in income generating activities and further support through holding continuous motivational and inspirational sessions.

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