our vision

Teach young Africans the power of self-discovery by raising their awareness about issues affecting them at an individual, community, national and continental level hence nurturing them into a new generation of engaged, committed citizens ready to work

our mission

To work together with schools and other stakeholders in order to create an enabling environment for young Africans to learn from one other through competitive activities

our aim

To building a self-confident destined generation of youth who will face tomorrows challenges as opportunities through creation of a platform where young people and their communities can share skills

why gain confidence africa

Most of our African youth only acquire basic knowledge from schools given the outdated School Curriculum. It’s these very youth that grow up and add onto a pile of the unemployment that has covered up the whole of this country. This is all attributed to the fact that the reading, savings and entrepreneurship culture alongside discovered talent is not given much attention while the child is still in the academic process. We have seen youth with very brilliant business ideas that unfortunately collapse as soon as they are started. This is one of the challenges faced by today’s youth that encouraged us to inspire change through adopting better problem solving mechanisms.

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