Confidence Precedes Success says Head Teacher – Seeta Junior school Mukono


“Confidence precedes success”, said the head Teacher of Seeta Junior school Mukono, this was during her opening remark during the launch of the Gain Confidence Africa programme at the school, where she encouraged the pupils to first work on their confidence if they want to succeed saying that confidence comes before success.

“No one can succeed unless they are confident of themselves”, she added. The remarks were made during the launch Gain Confidence Africa at the school, the launch of the programme at school is aimed at creating a platform where both the school and Gain Confidence Africa shall train the pupils in various personal development programmes.


The launch of the programme at the school was followed by a practical session on confidence-building based on public speaking skills development which shows the pupils imitated and appeared like their director, Dr. J C Muyingo who serves as the Minister for Higher Education during his speech moment. The youngsters would always introduce themselves as Dr. J C Muyingo and then delivered their speech before the attentive crowd.

Speaking on Behalf of Gain Confidence Africa, Mr. Kisawuzi Daniel, a lawyer emphasized the need for young people to be self-confident stating that being confident helps pupils to perform well in examination, he also taught them about confidence control urging them never to be overconfident of themselves saying this can be destructive at a time when leads to pride, he further asked them to always balance their confidence so that it does not become a form of abuse among their peers.


The excited teachers and pupils welcomed Gain Confidence Africa in the school and pledged to co-operate with the trainers for success, the organisation shall train the pupils in both theory and practical personal development since their inception in the school.

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