Elite High School Entebbe Students Shine With Flying Colours

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Following a one term of inception of Gain Confidence Africa programme at Elite High school Entebbe, the students have proved beyond reasonable doubt that their ability to grasping faster than never before the concepts being taught to them by the different teams from Gain Confidence Africa,  in the “Gain Confidence Africa students and youth skilling programme”, students at the school have been exposed to personal development projects including among but not limited to public speaking, cookery where they have been trained about how they can make their own snack and also use the skills as an income generating skill in future or during the holiday.

Like all other schools where Gain Confidence Africa operates, whereas the students were also first trained in how to make crisps from Irish potatoes, they were also trained in how to make baggier, this was aimed at arousing their interest in the organisation’s activities so that they gain the confidence of learning by interest unlike the case in the usual learning process.

Speaking about skills development projects as while addressing parents during a parents’ day at the school, Mr Gitta Amos, the Head Teacher assured parents, that the schools would work with all the practical cantered persons, companies and organisations like Gain Confidence Africa to equip the students with the necessary skills that can promote self-reliance.

He further stressed that the skills development project secondary education was to reflect the school motto, “walk the talk”, the participant students who were mainly senior one and two thanked their parents for taking them to Elite High school Entebbe, stating that this is an opportunity that is going to open more doors in their life besides the theory cantered secondary education that the many Ugandan students are subjected to, “ with the practical skills, I can start my small home-based business,” Nalwooga Racheal a senior one students said.

Pride microfinance bank limited, used the day to sensitise both the students and parents about the different interest earning products at Pride Micro Finance Bank as well as the benefits of starting saving as a culture at an early age, tickling the students to start saving while they are still young and not yet too burdened with the many financial demands that come with age, while parents were introduced to save for a target (SFT)  saving account available at  Pride Micro Finance, they were also asked to open up saving(minors) accounts for their children “Raising star savings accounts” to introduce their children to savings culture development while they are still young.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Sentumbwe Yasin Munagomba from Gain Confidence Africa, further explained the importance of developing a saving culture among the students, saying that the same would act as a platform for them to prepare to practice what they have been trained. He explained that the saved money would be used as starting capital to buy the small machines and materials required in the starting of the projects without necessarily asking for full amount from their parents so as to start the home based income generating projects, some parents and teachers used the event to open up saving accounts from both them and their children Pride microfinance Bank limited.

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