Excellent Work, Dr. Veronika Praxmarer Commends Gain Confidence Africa

Dr Veronika Praxmarer speaks to students

Dr. Veronika, an Austrian whose love for the African child has grown over the years in the previous decades finally made it to Uganda again and during her visit, she took a field tour to some of the beneficiary schools where Gain Confidence Africa extends services.

In her mission tour to the schools and the visited communities, she was able to establish the impact the organization has had to the school going children and the communities in the area, not limited skills development but also in other areas of personal development.


Dr Veronika Praxmarer Africa School Tour

The Austrian medical doctor with a Professional Masters in Medical Ethics learned about the program about three years ago and since then, she has dedicated herself to be part of the organization’s vision stronghold alongside other friends in Austria,

I find passion in assisting the African child to realize his/her full potential and that ever since I learned about Gain Confidence Africa, I found a partner.

She noted while speaking to students of Hillside college Mukono. ‘

You can all transform Uganda, Africa and the world to become a welcoming place for everyone and Gain Confidence Africa is here to help you realize that, you are all capable of being great and indeed you can.

She further noted in her subsequent address to both the primary and secondary schools.

While she listened from the pupils and students who shared their experience under the program, she established that 600 school going children had been empowered with income-generating skills and other personal development skills like, saving culture development, addressing problems of girl-boy relationship among the young students, where students expressed their experience before joining the program and how the program has helped them to address the challenges.

Other students told her that by the help of the skills learned under Gain Confidence Africa, they are now able to make clean money during holidays some of which saved for the future and the other is used as pocket money.

While at school, she thus argued the students to take projects that the program is offering seriously so that when they grow or when they get holidays, they can practice fully what they learned for reliance and sustainability.


What the 4 visited schools had to say

The different school head teachers and program coordinators that she spoke to thanked her and the organization team for the support that they have given to their children especially in the area of skills development stating that skills development is supposed to be a part of a child development so that when they grow they do not find it had and embarrassing to take up vocational and technical skills.

Gain Confidence Africa at Forest Hill College

‘’We thought that the project would waste the students time and would least engage them for productive work until I was told by the director of the school that there is need to interest every student in the activities of Gain Confidence Africa having found the enrolled students fully engaged in hands-on lesion, we are also planning to review the impact the program had had on the trained students to recommend that the entire school can be part of the project’’, noted madam Were headmistress, Forest Hill College.

She (madam Were) also emphasized that there is great need for children to learn skills, stating that unlike during their time, where a student would complete his/her study and just sit to wait to be called for job posting to any place where employment was found.

It is not the case today, their many graduates leaving institutions of learning but again without the required skills to enable them create their employment which increases the unemployment rate in this  country, today we are teaching job seekers and not job creators, which gain confidence Africa is here to do, I am certain and convinced that even if the skills are not put into use today, with the scarce employment our country is facing, these children will one day implement what they have learned under Gain confidence Africa, she further stressed.

Being a new school in the area, our pupils lacked self-esteem, even the leaders would find it a challenge to address their fellows, however, when Gain confidence Africa introduced its program to our pupils, the organization has trained our children communication skills which have boosted their confidence thereby helping them to fully express themselves in public and report those uncomforting situations in their lives unlike before.

Gain Confidence Africa at Seeta Junior School

There has also been improved academic performance in class, as a result, increased participation of learners as a result of self-esteem among the pupils and all this is attributed to Gain Confidence Africa,’’ stated, Ms. Achilo Agness, Headmistress, Seeta Junior Primary School said.

Gain Confidence Africa is a whole pack that the African child needs to fully exploit their innate abilities in the area of income generation skills and another personal development program like confidence building, positive thinking understanding the danger of poorly managed girl-boy relationships among the school going boys and girls.

Gain Confidence Africa at Mpoma Royal College

As this is the trigger of the uncontrolled vice of early pregnancy to increased number of school drops and other hard to control consequences like fistula and STD spread among young people,  we thank Gain Confidence Africa for the self-awareness among the teenagers it has been able to cause, Madam Marge, Gain Confidence Africa, program co-ordinate, Mpoma Royal College.


Dr’s Message to Students

Dr Veronika's Message to Young People

Dr. Veronika further expressed the need to have young people made aware of who they are at an early age stating that this would stimulate their desire to being great in the future adding that this comes with gaining confidence.

She also told her story about how she used to perceive the Africans stating that her perception has over the years changed with her increased interaction, working and leaving among the many different African countries such as Zimbabwe and Tanzania where she earlier worked as a medical officer before coming to Uganda.

She asked the young people to accept who they are as  African children stating that the Uganda, Africa and the world is waiting for them and that in order for them to be great they must start feeling it now and working towards achieving it, know who you are to ignite passion in you, she stated.


GCA’s Work In the 4 Schools

On her tour to both the primary and secondary schools that are under the program, she was able to establish that a number of beneficiaries across the schools have been able to learn and that some students have already put into action the acquired skills like income generating skills where she able learn that some students have been able to start home based income generating businesses that have enabled them to get money that can be used to buy scholastic materials.

We are confident being and we are ready to face the world to proclaim our share, students informed her noting that some who were never leaders before, they now long to become leaders as a result of being trained by Gain Confidence Africa.

GCA team with Dr Veronika

With a three members’ GCA team among Mr Yasin Sentumbwe GCA programs Coordinator, Ms.  Nnyamungu Dorcus, treasure GCA and Mr. Kwehangana Hamza, chairperson GCA, Dr. Veronica promised to share her experience with other people that have long before had a feel of what the project does.

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